Thursday, July 1, 2010

Happenings as of late

Hello blog world. Here I sit at my desk waiting to go to my workout class and get my rear end kicked, and I chose to blog, instead of get ahead on homework. Yep, sounds about right.

Well nothing "new" has happened really. I've just been putting my little heart and soul into my IBC company. It's going great. We had some problems at first but we are now in profit and it's so exciting! I love being a marketer, it's so fun!

Instead of going on and on about school, I will talk about my adventures this semester, well some of them at least. So I have this roommate Alli, who I absolutely LOVE. I have never ever had a roommate that I have really connected with and actually wanted to hang out with. She's so honest and open and not afraid to tell me what she thinks. I really need people like that in my life, it makes things so much easier. Anyways, Alli has taught me to be adventurous and focus on having a social life. So these are some things we have done this semester: picture scavenger hunt, running, staying up way late while chatting in eachother's beds (haha typical girl stuff, but it's still fun), spontaneous wake boarding trip, Canada day party (did I mention she's from Canada), ultimate frisbee, ribbon dancing, singing, spending lots of free time with our FHE brothers, etc.

On that note, we have the greatest FHE brothers ever. I've never consistently hung out with any of mine before and Alli and I are constantly doing things with them, it's awesome. They took us wake boarding and it was so fun.

We also had a ward talent show. They were such good sports and we convinced them to do some crazy routine with us. The night before the show, we decided on a ribbon dancing routine. We only had a couple hours to put it together so it could have been a lot funnier, but we still had fun. Keep in mind, they were wearing women's swimsuits. Classic.

I don't know if I have convinced you yet, but they are really the best. I couldn't have asked for a better roommate or better FHE brothers. 

Another little tidbit of information that I don't know if I've mentioned in previous blogs, but I'm applying for an awesome internship. It's with Shabby Apple in Salt Lake and I am so excited! It is this really awesome modest modern fashion company. Their stuff is SO cute! It would be the perfect internship for me, it involves social media, scheduling fashion shows, working with fashion magazines and local television and radio. Basically it would be a dream come true to get it. The application is taking me forever because I want it to be perfect but I'm almost done. All I have left is my resume. PLEASE cross your fingers/pray/beg for me that I get it! If you'd like, check our their website here

Well, that wraps it up I think. I have no stalled long enough that it's time for my workout class. Oh which reminds me, my goal of running 100 miles is finally almost finished. I have 26.1 miles left and 8 running days left! Woo-hoo can't wait to be done!

Oh one last thing...I met David rocked. :)