Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Crazy Life

I will try to keep this post less wedding-y but like I said before, it's consuming my life. So here's an update on what else I've been doing for the past little while. I started my internship two weeks ago and it's been a major adventure. I leave Idaho Falls on the blessed Salt Lake Express every Wednesday morning at 5:40 a.m. (yuck) and as soon as I get to the SLC airport I jump in my car and head to Murray, UT and then I work in the Shabby Apple warehouse wrapping dresses and shipping them out all over the country. It's so crazy how many states they sell to. Then the other two days I'm in Utah, I blog...and blog...and blog...and blog. All the time. That's basically my entire job is to try to find blogs to contact for Shabby Apple. So if you have any really great blog addresses that are hidden treasures, I would so love to know about them! Anyways so Friday nights I drop my car off at the airport and jump on the shuttle at 6 p.m. and get home at 10 p.m. It is not the most glamorous thing but it seems to be working okay.

For the most part, I really like being in Utah and having a new experience. I do not, however, like being so far away from Mathew. I know we have been doing distance our entire relationship but it is surprisingly different not being able to just hop in the car if I feel like it and go see him. I really look forward to the weekends now more than ever.

So when I'm back in Idaho Falls, I work at JCPenney and shop/plan for the wedding (forgive the mention of the "w" word) Life is so crazy right now. I was hoping with everything going on that time would go by fast...but it's not. All of you married people, how on earth did you manage to not go crazy waiting for the wedding to come? I'd love some tips.

Okay enough wedding talk...promise...I actually have nothing else to say so...

The End

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Question of the Day

How on earth do people get soooo many followers on their blogs? Like thousands? and thousands? I was all excited about my 30+ followers. The blog world is so much bigger than I realized.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Getting Things Done!

Oh boy, so who knew planning a wedding was so difficult? Especially when the big day is the same as a ton of other brides. You have to book in advance like mad! I have made some progress.


I am SO excited! We take engagements on February 1. I can't wait!


She is so great. She totally gets my vision. A little insight to the reception: French theme. Refreshments will consist of crepes with nutella, fresh fruit, french bread and cheese, yogurt, and other deliciousness. We are going to hang parasols from the ceiling and have similar decor to the wedding: 

I won't give anything else away. You'll just have to come and see for yourself. But trust me, it's gonna be fun!


(change of plans...the other ones I posted about were the complete wrong color when I finally got them here...and they weren't really Converse so I wasn't very happy.)

They are kids sizes so I'm crossing my fingers they will fit.

Wedding Cake Maker:

She is incredible! I am insanely indecisive on what I want my cake to look like but I know she will make it look fabulous.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Awesome website

Okay so I am at my first day of my Shabby Apple internship and I am looking for different types of blogs and websites and such. I came across this website and thought I'd share it :) I hope you enjoy it!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

2010 Recap

Once again, I'm going to copy everyone else in the blogosphere and write a recap of 2010. It sure was a good year.

The JCPenney salon started the Biggest Loser challenge and asked me to join in. I committed to changing my eating habits and working out everyday. This month was a HUGE breakthrough for me. I also did P90X for the first time and became addicted to it. January was really the kick-off to an amazing year full of new goals and commitments. For the full story of my life change, go here. Now the sad part of January 2010. My incredible cousin Derek was killed. This was the most tragic event to hit our family. It was completely unexpected and no one could understand why it happened. I still miss him and my heart aches for those that were even closer to him. Derek you are very loved and missed. 

February was a busy month. I continued with all my daily work outs and healthy eating. I totally surprised myself at my resistance to bad foods. I still remember visiting Angela and her roommate made these tiny chocolate chip cookies and I only let myself eat one. One tiny little cookie and I was still upset with myself. Man, I wish I had that kind of resistance again. Sometime in February I hit the -10 pound mark and could fit into a smaller size. I also put in a petition at BYU-Idaho to change my major from Business to Family and Consumer Science Education. I got so excited for the classes I would be able to take. The Biggest Loser officially ended and I came in second or third I believe. 

I had the absolutely incredible experience to go to Europe for my first (and possibly only) time in my life. I could hardly believe I was actually on my way when we were sitting on the plane in SLC. I loved experiencing the different culture but it was pretty frustrating at times only being able to understand about 10 words. For a full recap of the trip, which I'm sure no one will read because it's enormous, go here and here. I also found out in this month that my petition got denied and I would not be able to change my major. Turns out it was a huge blessing. I would have had to stay at school for an extra two...three...maybe even four semesters. Oh I almost forgot, my freaking adorable niece Lily was born right before we left for Europe. 

  I moved into a new apartment in Rexburg for the first time. I spent my first two years in the same complex and I don't know what I was thinking. I loved my new apartment and was so psyched to finally have my own room. I started IBC and right from the first day of class I was insanely busy. We went to Badger Creek and did crazy stunts to build our team unity. I had so much fun and I had the greatest team ever. Also in April, we got our FHE groups which means...I met my future husband this month. :)


IBC continued to take over my life. I was in charge of scheduling people to work the booth, taking care of our company email and phone. I communicated with the different departments and helped out with the marketing. I was also trying to keep up with the homework from the IBC classes as well as my other classes. That's about it for May.
June was a good month. I went wakeboarding for the first time in years and had a blast. I was actually able to get up for the first time. The ward talent show was also in June and we put together a great ribbon dancing routine. I loved my FHE brothers. I was so in awe at their willingness to get up in front of the ward in swimsuits and dance around with ribbons. They were the best. I also got a book signed by David Archuleta and went to yet another one of his concerts in Rexburg.
 My birth month! I turned twenty, woohoo. The semester finished and IBC was finally over. I thought it would never end. Our team did really well. My team voted me the Unsung Hero and I was super excited. For the last outing with the FHE bros, we went to the ice caves and I was terrified but had a lot of fun in the end. Thankfully the strong boys were there to keep the girls safe. 

Mathew and I had kind of our first date. I don't count it but he does. :) We went to the Potato Museum, Rupe's and floated the river. It was a very fun day. At the end of the month, the long-awaited Mockingjay came out and I got very little sleep until I finished it. Generally, not a ton happened in August.
School started again. I was so excited to start my classes. They were all marketing classes and I was ready for business classes that I was actually interested in. We met our client, Idahoan Potatoes, and started doing research for them. It felt cool to do research for a real company. 

If you've been bored from this point on: or skipped ahead looking for something interesting to read: start here. This is where my year got exciting (at least for me).
Oh October, what a great month. Mathew took me skimboarding and I curled my hair for the occasion. Then I invited him to a dance party in the Civil Defense Caves where he held my hand a few times. Then on October 14 we officially started dating. I went to Blackfoot to ride around in his truck with him at work, then we had dinner and watched a movie (Ninja Turtles) and he held my hand for real for the first time. Later that night, he kissed me. Then a couple weeks later he said I love you...then a couple days later we started talking about getting married. I know: holy fast. But when it feels right, why wait? :) So that's how October ended: beginning the subject of marriage.
Mathew and I went ring shopping a lot in November. I would find rings I loved at every store but nothing made me think "this is MY ring." Finally, we made it to Ingram's. I kept saying I wanted to go there but it was hard to get there during their hours because he worked all the time. Well, I found my ring there but he tricked me into thinking he didn't like it so I was freaking out and trying to really make sure he knew I loved it more than any others. I should have known he was just tricking me. Shout out for Ingrams: GO THERE. They are awesome! Anyways so other highlights of November: Thanksgiving: awesome. Mathew came and spent it with my family and fit right in. Black Friday: not awesome. I worked from 3:15 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. Loooooong day. November finished with preparation for finals and the await of the proposal. :)
What another great month. On December 7, Mathew majorly surprised me with the proposal. I'm sure you all have seen it but in case you want a reminder you can find it here. With the proposal, I could finally really start planning the wedding and of course share the news with friends and family. December also brought finals: yuck, and Christmas: yay! I was SO anxious to give Mathew his present. Before Christmas and right after finals, Mathew and I went to SLC with my good friend Becky to go to the Mormon Tabernacle Choir Christmas Concert. It was amazing! After Christmas, Mathew and I took a trip to Logan to go to Angela's wedding! She looked beautiful and it was so great to see her again, it's been sooooo long. Oh yeah, I also bought my wedding dress in December: a good finale to the month AND the year :)

Well, I hope you all had a fabulous year. I can't wait to see what 2011 brings!