Friday, May 22, 2009


By the way, I got my tickets for the American Idol tour and I am UNBELIEVABLY excited!!!!!!!! I can't wait to see Adam live <3 and the rest of the idols of course.

Time for an update! :)

It's about time I did a little update on my life. As always, not a lot has changed, I'm still just trying to keep up with everything that's happening.

First of all, my classes are SOOO intense!! Yesterday I spent 6 and a half ish hours at the accounting lab doing my homework, one problem took me like 2 and a half hours, I was about ready to cry. Other than that, I really do enjoy accounting, I just really like the concepts and the things that we do.

My other classes are econ, business, communications and Book of Mormon. I don't really like my Book of Mormon teacher this semester but oh well. I just LOVED mine last semester and don't feel like he can be topped.

So let me just share my most frustrating experience of the semester. My computer decided to have seizures on me. The first time it happened I was totally freaked out but it got progressively less shocking when it happened. The easiest way I can describe what happened is that the screen would break up and flash and really really really loud static would come out. I finally decided to call AppleCare and see what they had to say about it but of course, they had no clue so I took it to the computer help desk on campus and left it with them to take care of. They ended up sending it into Apple and Apple basically gave me a brand new computer, it was a beautiful moment. I got it back yesterday. I never thought it would be so hard to be without my computer for just a week but I was going absolutely crazy.

Things are still going great with my roommates! We haven't had one fight all semester. There have been a few little angry moments but nothing major. I can't believe it, I was getting so used to everyone in an apartment being in a bad mood that I didn't think it was possible to actually fully get along with all my roommates. I'm having such a good time with them. Right now I'm thinking about moving to a different apartment complex in the fall but I haven't completely decided yet so we will see.

I know none of that was ridiculously exciting but it's better than nothing!

"Be kind, it's never the wrong thing to do." :)