Sunday, April 19, 2009

Back in the Burg!

I'm back in Rexburg and I am so excited! I moved in all my stuff Thursday morning so I could have good pick of everything. (Usually I'm last pick and get crappy stuff) I got the room I wanted and the kitchen cupboard haha. While I was puttin all my stuff away one of my roommates came and instantly I could tell she was awesome! She was very nice. I got all my stuff moved in and put together and then I headed to the bookstore. I hate paying for books. My parents are extremely generous and pay for my books but I hate the fact that they have to pay $200 for just one book. It actually makes me quite sick.

So after everything was taken care of back in Rexburg, I headed back to Idaho Falls. I didn't see any reason to stay in Rexburg and drive to Idaho Falls anyway for work and to go to the Junior Miss program. Sometimes I feel like people think I'm stupid for going home a lot but oh well, it's close and I can. Anyways, I worked Friday, then had the day off Saturday which was perfect, I worked on my bridesmaids dresses for my old roommate's wedding this Friday and then went with my sister-in-law to the Junior Miss program. I really enjoyed it but I had to leave early because it was going on for way too long and I needed to get back to Rexburg so I didn't get to see the awards but it's okay, I only knew a couple girls anyway.

Now I am officially back in Rexburg to stay for the next four ish months. I am so happy and excited! My roommates are seriously awesome. They are happy and laugh and there hasn't been any contention at all so far, which is much better than my last two semesters. I'm ecstatic to begin the semester and get back into school and studying and learning. I couldn't be any happier with my apartment. Oh and as of right now I have my own room because one of the girls decided to live somewhere else and hasn't sold her contract yet. I'm pretty happy about that!

Oh and p.s. I love Extreme Makeover Home Edition. I'm watching it right now and I think it's one of the most touching shows ever.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

So not a lot has changed since my last couple posts. I'm still just workin and waiting for school to start but I thought I would post a little somethin since it's been a few days.

One thing I did on Friday was make a spur of the moment trip to Logan to see Angela. I really needed to get out of town and hang out with some people. I've been so lonely! The trip was exactly the thing that I needed. Ange introduced me to some of her way cool friends and we just partied and had fun! Also, she took me tanning for my first time. I will admit, I was slightly scared and paranoid that those little glasses wouldn't protect my eyes and I would go blind. That darn warning sign freaked me out. But I will also admit that it felt pretty good after it was done. It was a short trip but so worth it! I really want to go back again before school starts but with a job and all I'm not sure how easy it will be but we'll see!

Yeah other than that...I haven't done anything different. I still am faithfully watching American Idol, which I will mention, Adam Lambert still rocks. Last week's Tracks of My Tears was like the most incredible thing ever. I loved seeing him pull back and just sing beautifully. This week, he sang Play That Funky Music and I of course loved it. He is just such an awesome performer and that SMILE! Ah it gets me every time!

Well that's all I have for now! Hopefully once school starts, I will have a few more interesting things to talk about!