Monday, April 4, 2011


I am officially finished with Shabby Apple...well my internship that is. I'm going to continue working for them from home. Score! With the completion of my internship dresses! Yay! Here are the two I finally decided on. If only I was a cool fashion blogger and posted myself in the dresses. :)


I know I thought this dress was too simple but I tried it on and I looooove it. It is so cute on. It's probably my new favorite dress. I also purchased a damaged dress for $20. Woo-hoo. It only has a ripped seam (totally fixable) and I thought it was really fun. Here it is:

I know it's kind of different but it's super fun to wear. Speaking of damaged dresses, if anyone is in Utah on April 11, there is a damaged dress sale. Dresses for $20 and $40...not too shabby. Oh how nerdy, I just punned...oh well.

So with the internship over, I can now count on one hand how many days are left until the wedding. Things are going well with planning. Everything is coming together. I go through the temple tomorrow night and I'm very nervous/excited. Well it's late and I'm super tired. I know I had more to blog about but I can't remember anything right now. Bedtime for moi.