Thursday, July 30, 2009

I am a blog slacker

Wow, I definitely need to catch up. Since my last blag post, a month ago, I have done quite a bit.

First things first, I'm done with school!! Yay! I had the most stressful finals week...ever. The week before finals, I had an accounting and econ test and then finals week I had another accounting and econ comprehensive final: gross. Amongst all of this, I was working on CompXM for my business class. It took me probably a good 20 hours to finish it. Small description of CompXM: it is a simulation where we basically are running a business through excel, we are in charge of forecasting, financing the company, creating products, taking care of employees and improving the plant. It's intense, but really fun. I actually had so much fun doing the decisions but there were also multiple choice questions which killed me. I ended up being one point away from breaking the school record for the highest score. There were however other people in the class who definitely broke the record. My wonderful teacher still gave me 100 on it though. He is the best :) Anyways, yeah I studied more than I have ever studied in one week. I was so burned out, it was a whole new experience for me. Final grades posted and I only got one A- in accounting so I got the full tuition scholarship! I feel so blessed and lucky because there is no way I could have done what I did by myself.

Now to the fun stuff. The American Idol concert was a couple weeks ago. It was absolutely incredible. Adam brings so much power into a room. And wow, he can dance. He did a Bowie Medley and oh my goodness, he was dancing all over the place. Surprisingly everyone in Salt Lake was screaming for Adam more than anyone else but maybe I'm just biased. I actually was super impressed with ALL of them. They all have improved so much since the show, especially Scott, I absolutely loved his part of the show, he was awesome! After the concert we went to the premiere of Harry Potter and I'm ashamed to say that I fell asleep. I was exhausted after not only the concert but we had also gone to the Gateway earlier :) I officially own Anthropologie pants, they are beautiful and I also got an adorable jacket from Banana Republic. It was such a good shopping trip. So anyways Harry Potter, what I saw I really liked! So I of course had to go see it again, I had to wait till after finals though because I couldn't take that much time away from studying. So I saw it again and oh my gosh, I absolutely loved it. It was sooooooo good!

A lot more things have happened but those are the biggest. Now video and pictures from American Idol. The pictures don't look like we had the greatest seats...but they were actually really good. :)

This is all the idols at the end. They rose Kris and Adam up from under the stage :)

Kris at the piano

Kris again

Adam :) :)

He took off the jacket for the Bowie Medley


Michael, Lil, Anoop, Matt, Megan, Scott