Friday, May 14, 2010

School...Badger Creek...Roommates...and more school

I have so much I should be doing right now, but I need a little break. Well I don't know what I have previously said about this semester but basically it's crazy, but so good. I got SO lucky and got in such a good company. Everyone is so driven and putting their heart and soul into our company and product. I really don't feel like anyone isn't contributing. I've been determined to not be that person, and so I have volunteered for a few random jobs. For example: Facebook group, which let's be honest, I'm perfect for, seeing as I love Facebook (a little too much); being the contact person for anyone that visits our website and has questions; and putting together a book of quotes, pictures, fonts, etc. to give our customers ideas. I guess I should probably mention what our product is. It's a little difficult to describe so when we have pictures up on the website/facebook group/twitter account, you should check them out. Basically we are selling wood with pictures of the temple, or quotes, or scriptures, or hymns, whatever you want, laser etched into the wood and then lacquered. They are so pretty. I'm already planning to buy like five.

So, for IBC, we got to go to Badger Creek. I did some things that I never thought I'd be able to do. It was so fun, just freezing cold. There were a lot of harnesses, climbing, and jumping involved. I became known as the giggly girl by my company. I just could not stop laughing at just about everything, especially because my company is full of hilarious guys. The most embarrassing/hilarious thing we did was the prison wall. Let's all remember that I have short legs and getting me up over a huge wall was quite a challenge. I was the only girl and the whole time they were lifting me up and trying to pull me over I was laughing, which made everything even more difficult. Thankfully, I finally made it over, although I was useless to help others get over. I was so happy when we finally left the prison wall and moved onto other things.  The most fun thing we did was the giant swing. Skycoaster at Lagoon anyone? Same concept, just smaller and less high-tech. The name is pretty self-explanatory, but you basically are pulled up by your team members, then you let go of a rope and swing. I screamed really loud, but nothing's quite as fun as letting out a good scream while falling through the air. There were plenty of other things we did but I won't go into them. Pretty much Badger Creek was awesome, except the cold.

Obviously, IBC has basically been my life this semester. Surprisingly, this is the first semester that I've had a social life at the same time...weird. I'm usually such a hermit and never leave the library or my room but something happened and I'm forcing myself, okay there is no force involved, I'm allowing myself to play with my roommates and such. Did I mention that my roommates are AWESOME! This is by far the best apartment I have ever lived in. I've never laughed so much or gotten along so well with roommates. There have been many times that I have literally rolled on the floor laughing. The only bad thing, they make way too many sweets. I swear, the cookies and brownies are following me around and taunting me. Let's be honest though, I don't resist anymore. I know looking at old posts, this should be very shocking, but I feel okay with myself. With all the walking I do around campus and especially with my workout class, I haven't put on any of the weight that I lost over the break. I still should cut back on the sweets because I know they are so unhealthy but they are everywhere. It's so frustrating how much they tempt me everywhere I go. On the subject of fitness and health, my workout class has improved me way more than I thought. I felt like since I just about pass out every class that I wasn't getting any better, but I went running with my roommate yesterday and I managed to run four miles, with only one stop for stretching. It felt so good! The only slightly bad part was that it was pouring when we were headed back home so we were like sprinting and yeah it was exhausting. I'm excited to do my first 5K in a couple weeks, a little nervous though!

Well, I think that about covers most everything. I attempted to add pictures but the internet at my apartment is too slow. So, they are all on my facebook, feel free to check them out! And now, homework is calling my name. Well readers? Are you out there? Give me some sort of sign that you're there, I'd love it. :)