Thursday, May 5, 2011

New Blog!

Hey everyone.

Go check out the new blog where both Mathew and I will be posting...more than likely I will be doing the majority of the posting but maybe we will all be surprised. Thanks! :)

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Married Life

I obviously disappeared from my blog for quite some time. I'm planning to change the blog address and name and such but until I get life under control and have time to do that...I'm still here. Well, I'm married now! Yay! I am officially Candace Williams and it's awesome. The wedding day went extremely well. Everything turned out incredible for the reception and it was just a fantastic day. Our honeymoon was needless to say...awesome! It was not easy to come home and get back to reality.

We moved into our apartment in Rexburg and we love it. It took us forever to finally get everything put away. Tender moment #1: no one gave us silverware and I gave all mine to D.I. so our first breakfast in our apartment was eaten with an ice cream scoop. We took turns eating our cereal with the scoop and made sure we got silverware that day. That same day we took a car full of gifts and a wallet full of gift cards and went shopping! In no time, we spent all of our gift cards and our car was full to the top of stuff to take back home with us.

We both started school a few days later and it was sooo hard to get motivated to do homework. I had absolutely zero desire to do it. I do however love my classes, they are awesome. I'm sure no one really cares about my classes so let me just talk about some other tender moments that have happened since we've been married.

Tender moment #2: I was buried in homework on Monday majorly buried. Mathew was kind enough to make dinner for us AND do the dishes afterward. He wouldn't even let me near the dishes. I was extremely grateful.

Tender moment #3: Wednesday night I was again buried in homework. One of my assignments for my pattern making class was to trace and cut out a ton of slopers (sorry I'm too lazy to explain what these are). Mathew and I put in a movie and he traced and traced and traced and then cut and cut and cut. He pretty much spent the entire movie tracing and cutting for me. Love him.

Tender moment #4: Mathew didn't have class Thursday. I did. I had an hour+ break during classes and Mathew came and picked me up from class for lunch. I got in the car and he had packed a picnic basket full of food for lunch. It was adorable. He wouldn't tell me what was in it. I was so excited to park the car and watch him open up the basket and reveal all of the goodies. It was probably the cutest thing ever.

Tender moment #5: Friday night we were planning to go restaurant hopping. We started at Sonic for drinks and right after we ordered them, we decided to just go to Chili's (my favorite) for the whole meal: appetizers, main course, and even dessert. Well Mathew got hooooked on his Sonic drink, he'd never had one before, and the whole next day he was wishing the Sonic in Rexburg hadn't closed. Later, we went bowling with his brother and wife and then went to their house in Rigby for a movie. We were close enough to Idaho Falls that Mathew just couldn't resist driving the rest of the way to get a Sonic drink. We made it 5 minutes before they closed and we were both super excited. I'm considering this a tender moment because I thought it was hilarious that he was willing to drive to Idaho Falls just for a drink.

That's all the tender moments I have for now. I'll try to have the new blog up and running...someday.

Monday, April 4, 2011


I am officially finished with Shabby Apple...well my internship that is. I'm going to continue working for them from home. Score! With the completion of my internship dresses! Yay! Here are the two I finally decided on. If only I was a cool fashion blogger and posted myself in the dresses. :)


I know I thought this dress was too simple but I tried it on and I looooove it. It is so cute on. It's probably my new favorite dress. I also purchased a damaged dress for $20. Woo-hoo. It only has a ripped seam (totally fixable) and I thought it was really fun. Here it is:

I know it's kind of different but it's super fun to wear. Speaking of damaged dresses, if anyone is in Utah on April 11, there is a damaged dress sale. Dresses for $20 and $40...not too shabby. Oh how nerdy, I just punned...oh well.

So with the internship over, I can now count on one hand how many days are left until the wedding. Things are going well with planning. Everything is coming together. I go through the temple tomorrow night and I'm very nervous/excited. Well it's late and I'm super tired. I know I had more to blog about but I can't remember anything right now. Bedtime for moi.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Last Things

So the wedding is next week. Ahhh :) Here is a little update on the "last" things I have experienced (or will) this week.

1. Last shift at JCPenney....rejoice
2. Last shuttle ride
3. Last week at Shabby Apple
4. Last time parking at the airport
5. Last Sunday in a single's branch

Okay so that's not very many. When I started writing this I thought for sure I'd have this clever list of things...too tired. Anyways, wedding planning is going well. My wonderful mother is doing mostly everything so I don't have a mental breakdown with everything going on. I'm very looking forward to next week when I can just chill with Mathew (when he's not doing finals) and put the final touches on things. Yay!

Friday, March 25, 2011


Oh my goodness. The wedding is two weeks from tomorrow. I can't believe it. The first two months of our engagement was torture. The second two months have flown! I only have one more week at Shabby Apple and I'm kind of sad about it. I'm going to continue working for them (hopefully) from Rexburg so I'm happy about that. I'm going to miss all of the people, not necessarily the weekly commute, but the people: yes.

Speaking of Shabby Apple...they are launching a line of skirts next week and they are SO cute! I tried them all on today for fit purposes and oh my, I want all of them. And maybe I will actually be able to afford them. :)

That's all I have to say for today. Bye!

Monday, March 21, 2011

Dark Circles

Here's another help me post. I have terrible dark circles under my eyes. Kinda like these:

Only worse if you can believe it. I have no idea how to make them go away. I'm sure sleep could do the trick but seeing as that's not really an option for there anything else? I'd even take just a good product to cover them up. I know nothing about makeup. Help!

Friday, March 18, 2011

Sucked In

I just got sucked into a craft blog for over an hour. I contacted her the very first week of my internship but didn't really take time to look through her posts. Holy freak, I wish I had her creativity. I am officially inspired. If only I had time to make her wonderful creations. If you go to her blog...beware. It's addicting.

So I've been wanting to blog for a few days but just haven't known what to write about. I feel like my life is not very blog worthy...especially after reading so many awesome blogs on a daily basis. One of my biggest concerns as of late is what two dresses I'm going to pick at the end of my internship. I know sooo important right? Maybe my readers (if you care) can help? I'm totally loving this dress...

Champs Elysees
Like loving it. I'm fairly positive it's going to be one that I pick. Maybe it's partly because it's from the Paris line? :)

Also love this one...

But I don't know if it's really me?

Next is this...

HUGE fan of this dress but the medium is too big on top but the small is too small on bottom. Ugh.

I like this dress...

North Shore
But I don't know if it's fancy enough, ya know? I want to get the biggest bang for my buck...well obviously not buck but hopefully you'll know what I mean.

Obviously I love the French line...
Pont Neuf
Too much?

Last but not least...

Sierra Nevada
Loved this dress when I first started, it was the first Shabby dress I tried on and I fell in love. We sold out of my size for a while but some have been returned. 

Seriously...opinions? I'm dying. I get to pick two. If you have any suggestions from the site, please let me know. And let's be honest, I'll be really sad if I come back and there have been zero comments. :(