Friday, March 18, 2011

Sucked In

I just got sucked into a craft blog for over an hour. I contacted her the very first week of my internship but didn't really take time to look through her posts. Holy freak, I wish I had her creativity. I am officially inspired. If only I had time to make her wonderful creations. If you go to her blog...beware. It's addicting.

So I've been wanting to blog for a few days but just haven't known what to write about. I feel like my life is not very blog worthy...especially after reading so many awesome blogs on a daily basis. One of my biggest concerns as of late is what two dresses I'm going to pick at the end of my internship. I know sooo important right? Maybe my readers (if you care) can help? I'm totally loving this dress...

Champs Elysees
Like loving it. I'm fairly positive it's going to be one that I pick. Maybe it's partly because it's from the Paris line? :)

Also love this one...

But I don't know if it's really me?

Next is this...

HUGE fan of this dress but the medium is too big on top but the small is too small on bottom. Ugh.

I like this dress...

North Shore
But I don't know if it's fancy enough, ya know? I want to get the biggest bang for my buck...well obviously not buck but hopefully you'll know what I mean.

Obviously I love the French line...
Pont Neuf
Too much?

Last but not least...

Sierra Nevada
Loved this dress when I first started, it was the first Shabby dress I tried on and I fell in love. We sold out of my size for a while but some have been returned. 

Seriously...opinions? I'm dying. I get to pick two. If you have any suggestions from the site, please let me know. And let's be honest, I'll be really sad if I come back and there have been zero comments. :(


  1. Go for the first and last of the dresses you posted! They would both look gorgeous on you!

  2. I love ALL OF THEM. I am so glad I dont have to make that decision haha. I love their Prima Vera dress.. I think thats what it was called. The orange/yellow poofy one. I could honestly buy all of them!!

  3. I am sure they would all look good on you :) I love the first and the last one though!!

  4. Um... can you just buy me the Pont Neuf and Gondola?!? I would love you FOREVER! :)

  5. Thank you everyone for the input :) I totally needed it!