Thursday, February 25, 2010

Family Fun

So this is kind of old news, but I wanted to post some pictures of President's Day/Valentine's Day Weekend with the family. (Jason I stole these from the email, hope you don't mind) The biggest part of the weekend was that we rented Rock Band and played it SO many times! We all had so much fun.
Stephanie got really into the first song...then got bored.
Even my Mom wanted to take her stab at singing.

Valentine's Day Dinner!

We seriously had so much fun as a family. Here was the actual series of events. Saturday night: dinner at Johnny Carino's, play rockband. Sunday (Valentine's): Decorated sugar cookies, festive dinner, play rockband. Monday: Snowmobiling, shopping, girl's movie night.

So usually I hate Valentine's Day because I have always been single and seen everyone else go on dates and all that fun stuff. This year, I decided to be less bitter haha. It was nice to have all my family around. I love my family so much. We are crazy and laugh and joke with eachother. I love when everyone is home. I kind of forgot it was Valentine's Day. Oh I almost forgot, my parents were so sweet, they gave me a bag of carrots instead of a bag of M&M's like everyone else. I didn't have to worry about being tempted!

Snowmobiling was sooooo fun!! We took my little nephews with us and we had a blast sledding down the hill and pulling them back up on the machines. Eddie, who is almost 3, was so cute and did not want to ride back up the hill, he wanted to walk. It was a pretty big hill too! Ethan, 5, was just in heaven. I love those two little boys.

Anyway, that's pretty much it. Nothing else new has really happened, I've just kept working and working out and relaxing when I'm not doing one of those two.

Oh. p.s. I am now down 12 pounds and have dropped a size. It feels so good!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Stayin Strong!

Okay so it's been TWO whole weeks since I set all of my goals. I am happy to say that I have actually stayed strong! I was a little nervous about keeping up with everything but somehow I was so motivated that I just couldn't NOT do it. I have faithfully written in two of my journals every day (okay okay so I missed a couple days with my food journal, but the gratitude and regular journal have entries from every day!) I have said my two prayers every day. I have exercised every day, that in itself is an accomplishment. Thanks Tony for your amazing workouts. The scripture study has also been a lot better than expected. There have been a couple days that I haven't had the energy to study as much as other days, but I have always at least read something.

So, here are some of the feelings I have had these last two weeks. I feel so much closer to my Heavenly Father. I don't feel ashamed to talk to him anymore and I really feel like I can go to him whenever I need guidance. I have been so much happier. I can't express how much these things have affected me. I feel happier with myself, and I want to continue being positive with everything. Also, I feel healthier. I'm amazed at how different my body feels. Even though I'm not a size 2 and I still have a ways to go, I feel better. It doesn't matter to me anymore what size I am, I just want to feel like I'm healthy, and I do! I just love it.

Now on to some other news in my life lately. Last Friday, my cousin was driving from Idaho Falls to Rexburg and hit a moose on the freeway. It took his life. Tragic. Heartbreaking. So many things have gone through my head and I have cried more than I have in a long time. I hurt most for his little wife and his mom, my mom's sister. He was only married for a year. I can't imagine how she feels. I also hurt so much for my big brother, Jason. He was so close to Derek. They were best friends. It hurts me so much to see others hurt. Of course this was unexpected and there was nothing that could have stopped it from happening. I miss him so much already but it makes things easier to know that this isn't the end. Our family and everyone that knew him will see him again.

Other news, I have made a big decision.........I'm changing my major! This has been quite a challenge for me to decide. I was SO convinced that I wouldn't ever change my major but I realized that I'm not happy. I have tried to tell myself that this major was perfect for me and I was so content, but I wasn't letting myself see the truth. I don't want to do it anymore. I have no goals anymore, because I definitely don't want to work in retail my whole life, which is what my initial plan with business was. So here's the new plan: I'm going to be a teacher. I am going to teach Family and Consumer Science, aka sewing, cooking, budgeting, etc. Now, I'm aware that many people think this means that I'm studying to be a mom and I admit there are girls that DO study this just to be a mother. However, I am not one of them. I really want to teach, and sewing is something I love to do. I really feel like I'm going to be a lot happier. I'm already so excited! It's going to be a major change but I'm ready for it.