Friday, December 31, 2010


Since planning my wedding is pretty much my only focus right now, the majority of my posts will be wedding-y. However, I do start my internship in two weeks so maybe I'll throw in a few posts about that experience :)

Well, I bought my wedding dress! Ahhh! It was such a fun and exciting experience to try on dresses and really feel like a bride. The dress I bought was the very first dress I pulled off the rack and the very first one that I tried on. Fate? I think so. I don't think I will post a picture of it, not out of superstition (I already showed Mathew) but just because I don't think a picture will really show the dress. It's so pretty ahh I love it!

Next purchase, my wedding shoes. With a lot of encouragement from Mathew, I decided to go with these shoes instead of heels. I just ordered them so hopefully they will fit okay and look as cute as I am hoping.

I'm pretty psyched actually.

Well those are my only purchases so far. I have lots of other plans for the reception. This is so insane, I never thought I'd actually be planning a wedding haha.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010


I'm going dress shopping tomorrow...and I might be DYING with excitement! Just thought all you bloggers should know! :)

Saturday, December 18, 2010


Hello friends! For those of you who didn't already know this, I'm engaged! This is the post I've been waiting to write. Yippee! 
I'll start off with this: "it'll happen when you least expect it!" Anytime someone said this to me, I would get seriously annoyed...but it's completely true. If someone would have told me six months ago that I'd be engaged I wouldn't have believed it. In fact, at the beginning of the semester, I made a bet with my roommate that I wouldn't get asked out on a date. Obviously I was a tad bit mistaken. But I am so incredibly happy and in love right now. Life is grand! 
So for anyone that would like to know, this is the proposal story. Enjoy!
Okay Mathew and I have a system, we see each other once during the week, then Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays if we're lucky. It's not the most fun thing to do distance but in the end, it's completely worth it. Needless to say, I look forward to the weekends more than I ever did. Why do I bring this up? I was convinced every weekend that it would be THE weekend. Then the weekend would come and go, we'd say goodbye and I didn't have a ring. He even tricked me this last weekend and took me out to a fancy dinner and everything. Finally, I had to stop thinking about it because I was going crazy inside (trying my hardest to not let it show on the outside of course :) ). So, I convinced myself that it would be Christmas Eve/Day because he kept talking about my awesome Christmas present. What could be better than a diamond? Anyway, I accepted having to wait until Christmas.
Proposal Night
I had to go to Idaho Falls on Tuesday night because I had a dentist appointment Wednesday morning and was not interested in driving early in the a.m. Mathew came from Blackfoot and met me at my house to hang out. We ate dinner, ran to Wal-Mart for my mom and so he could buy Inception, then went back to make a gingerbread house. For some reason, I have been itching to make one and he never has so it seemed like a good time. While the house was drying before we could decorate, Mathew wanted to play some Super Mario World. So we went in my room and started playing. Sidenote: While at Wal-Mart, he wanted to find some peanut butter M&Ms (my favorite) for us but oddly enough, the didn't have ANY. So strange. He told me he had already bought a bag but wanted another. Back to the story. While we were playing, he pulled out the bag of M&Ms and handed them to me. (I'm still oblivious at this point) I opened them and they were small. I thought maybe they had changed the size or something...I dunno...but then I ate one and here were my first words, "they definitely put plain M&Ms in the bag." (still oblivious) He told me to dump them out so I did and out comes my ring! Oh jeeze! I was SHOCKED and completely speechless. He picked up one of the M&Ms and it said "Will you marry me?" How on earth did I not notice that the M&Ms had writing on them? My best answer is that I was totally not expecting the proposal that all. I really thought the M&M company had just made a mistake, yeah I'm a genius. The other M&Ms said "I love you" and "Candace + Mathew." So, of course I said yes and he put the ring on my finger and I just could not stop smiling and giggling. Best. Night. Ever. I'm extremely happy that he found a way to surprise me, because of course I was expecting it at some point and I wasn't sure how he would pull it off. But he did and it was awesome! :)

The decoy bag
 The big bag of awesome M&M's :)

 The blue ones had the same phrases on them but you can see them better on the pink ones.
 He was smart and thought to get this picture frame to hold the M&M's. We will put a picture when we eventually take ENGAGEMENTS! :) Even though he got this cute frame, I can not bring myself to eat the other M&M's. I am way too sentimental.

If you took the time to read this, I wouldn't mind reading your comments...just sayin :)

Monday, December 6, 2010

Almost Done!

Obviously I got bored of that whole pictures from the past thing. I didn't have as many exciting pictures as I thought. Oh well! So, this semester is almost over and I am SO happy! I don't know how on earth I'm going to make it through the next week and half but somehow I will do it. I think I might get my first B this semester and I'm kind of sad about it :( Oh well. I can't do much now. I have learned tons from my classes though...more than any other semester which is kind of interesting.

Well, life is still going great other than the craziness of classes. I have lots to write about but I'm not going to write about it yet. :) I'll put you all in a little bit of suspense. So I can't wait until Christmas. I'm super anxious for it to get here. I love being home with the family and cuddling up in blankets and watching movies or reading. If only we had a fire place at my house, that would really take my Christmas love to another level. That's about it for my life right now. I wish I had something more exciting to say! :)