Thursday, July 30, 2009

I am a blog slacker

Wow, I definitely need to catch up. Since my last blag post, a month ago, I have done quite a bit.

First things first, I'm done with school!! Yay! I had the most stressful finals week...ever. The week before finals, I had an accounting and econ test and then finals week I had another accounting and econ comprehensive final: gross. Amongst all of this, I was working on CompXM for my business class. It took me probably a good 20 hours to finish it. Small description of CompXM: it is a simulation where we basically are running a business through excel, we are in charge of forecasting, financing the company, creating products, taking care of employees and improving the plant. It's intense, but really fun. I actually had so much fun doing the decisions but there were also multiple choice questions which killed me. I ended up being one point away from breaking the school record for the highest score. There were however other people in the class who definitely broke the record. My wonderful teacher still gave me 100 on it though. He is the best :) Anyways, yeah I studied more than I have ever studied in one week. I was so burned out, it was a whole new experience for me. Final grades posted and I only got one A- in accounting so I got the full tuition scholarship! I feel so blessed and lucky because there is no way I could have done what I did by myself.

Now to the fun stuff. The American Idol concert was a couple weeks ago. It was absolutely incredible. Adam brings so much power into a room. And wow, he can dance. He did a Bowie Medley and oh my goodness, he was dancing all over the place. Surprisingly everyone in Salt Lake was screaming for Adam more than anyone else but maybe I'm just biased. I actually was super impressed with ALL of them. They all have improved so much since the show, especially Scott, I absolutely loved his part of the show, he was awesome! After the concert we went to the premiere of Harry Potter and I'm ashamed to say that I fell asleep. I was exhausted after not only the concert but we had also gone to the Gateway earlier :) I officially own Anthropologie pants, they are beautiful and I also got an adorable jacket from Banana Republic. It was such a good shopping trip. So anyways Harry Potter, what I saw I really liked! So I of course had to go see it again, I had to wait till after finals though because I couldn't take that much time away from studying. So I saw it again and oh my gosh, I absolutely loved it. It was sooooooo good!

A lot more things have happened but those are the biggest. Now video and pictures from American Idol. The pictures don't look like we had the greatest seats...but they were actually really good. :)

This is all the idols at the end. They rose Kris and Adam up from under the stage :)

Kris at the piano

Kris again

Adam :) :)

He took off the jacket for the Bowie Medley


Michael, Lil, Anoop, Matt, Megan, Scott


Friday, May 22, 2009


By the way, I got my tickets for the American Idol tour and I am UNBELIEVABLY excited!!!!!!!! I can't wait to see Adam live <3 and the rest of the idols of course.

Time for an update! :)

It's about time I did a little update on my life. As always, not a lot has changed, I'm still just trying to keep up with everything that's happening.

First of all, my classes are SOOO intense!! Yesterday I spent 6 and a half ish hours at the accounting lab doing my homework, one problem took me like 2 and a half hours, I was about ready to cry. Other than that, I really do enjoy accounting, I just really like the concepts and the things that we do.

My other classes are econ, business, communications and Book of Mormon. I don't really like my Book of Mormon teacher this semester but oh well. I just LOVED mine last semester and don't feel like he can be topped.

So let me just share my most frustrating experience of the semester. My computer decided to have seizures on me. The first time it happened I was totally freaked out but it got progressively less shocking when it happened. The easiest way I can describe what happened is that the screen would break up and flash and really really really loud static would come out. I finally decided to call AppleCare and see what they had to say about it but of course, they had no clue so I took it to the computer help desk on campus and left it with them to take care of. They ended up sending it into Apple and Apple basically gave me a brand new computer, it was a beautiful moment. I got it back yesterday. I never thought it would be so hard to be without my computer for just a week but I was going absolutely crazy.

Things are still going great with my roommates! We haven't had one fight all semester. There have been a few little angry moments but nothing major. I can't believe it, I was getting so used to everyone in an apartment being in a bad mood that I didn't think it was possible to actually fully get along with all my roommates. I'm having such a good time with them. Right now I'm thinking about moving to a different apartment complex in the fall but I haven't completely decided yet so we will see.

I know none of that was ridiculously exciting but it's better than nothing!

"Be kind, it's never the wrong thing to do." :)

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Back in the Burg!

I'm back in Rexburg and I am so excited! I moved in all my stuff Thursday morning so I could have good pick of everything. (Usually I'm last pick and get crappy stuff) I got the room I wanted and the kitchen cupboard haha. While I was puttin all my stuff away one of my roommates came and instantly I could tell she was awesome! She was very nice. I got all my stuff moved in and put together and then I headed to the bookstore. I hate paying for books. My parents are extremely generous and pay for my books but I hate the fact that they have to pay $200 for just one book. It actually makes me quite sick.

So after everything was taken care of back in Rexburg, I headed back to Idaho Falls. I didn't see any reason to stay in Rexburg and drive to Idaho Falls anyway for work and to go to the Junior Miss program. Sometimes I feel like people think I'm stupid for going home a lot but oh well, it's close and I can. Anyways, I worked Friday, then had the day off Saturday which was perfect, I worked on my bridesmaids dresses for my old roommate's wedding this Friday and then went with my sister-in-law to the Junior Miss program. I really enjoyed it but I had to leave early because it was going on for way too long and I needed to get back to Rexburg so I didn't get to see the awards but it's okay, I only knew a couple girls anyway.

Now I am officially back in Rexburg to stay for the next four ish months. I am so happy and excited! My roommates are seriously awesome. They are happy and laugh and there hasn't been any contention at all so far, which is much better than my last two semesters. I'm ecstatic to begin the semester and get back into school and studying and learning. I couldn't be any happier with my apartment. Oh and as of right now I have my own room because one of the girls decided to live somewhere else and hasn't sold her contract yet. I'm pretty happy about that!

Oh and p.s. I love Extreme Makeover Home Edition. I'm watching it right now and I think it's one of the most touching shows ever.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

So not a lot has changed since my last couple posts. I'm still just workin and waiting for school to start but I thought I would post a little somethin since it's been a few days.

One thing I did on Friday was make a spur of the moment trip to Logan to see Angela. I really needed to get out of town and hang out with some people. I've been so lonely! The trip was exactly the thing that I needed. Ange introduced me to some of her way cool friends and we just partied and had fun! Also, she took me tanning for my first time. I will admit, I was slightly scared and paranoid that those little glasses wouldn't protect my eyes and I would go blind. That darn warning sign freaked me out. But I will also admit that it felt pretty good after it was done. It was a short trip but so worth it! I really want to go back again before school starts but with a job and all I'm not sure how easy it will be but we'll see!

Yeah other than that...I haven't done anything different. I still am faithfully watching American Idol, which I will mention, Adam Lambert still rocks. Last week's Tracks of My Tears was like the most incredible thing ever. I loved seeing him pull back and just sing beautifully. This week, he sang Play That Funky Music and I of course loved it. He is just such an awesome performer and that SMILE! Ah it gets me every time!

Well that's all I have for now! Hopefully once school starts, I will have a few more interesting things to talk about!

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Most AMAZING night ever!!!

David Archuelta in Idaho Falls. Absolutely incredible! He has such an amazing voice and he looks so effortless when he sings. I couldn't believe how he hit every note, without any trouble. That's the good thing about American Idols, they can actually sing live.

I was lucky enough to get to be in the pit, which was raised by the way. I was literally like one foot maybe two feet away from him. I came so close to touching his hand but a lady with a lot of hair was right in front of me and blocked my hand. I was slightly sad but oh well. It was just fun to be part of the crowd that was able to put my hand up there when he was near. I've always wanted to be able to do that haha.

He started the concert off with one of my favorite songs: Touch My Hand. This is when the grabbing hands happened. Appropriate? Yes. Throughout the night, he did most of his album and a few other songs, for example Love Song and I'm Yours. I was so excited when he sang I'm Yours, I love that song and he totally dominated it! Of course! And he played the piano on Love Song which made it even better. He was so cute the whole night. He had so much energy, never missed a note, got the crowd involved, and played the piano beautifully. I never knew he could play as well as he did. I didn't hear him miss a note and I was right by the piano. :) I was just so impressed with his performances. And his speaking voice has definitely matured, I was surprised to hear him talk, he sounds nothing like the boy on American Idol. I was also surprised at how small he was! He is so little! He was so adorable, this little guy, amazing voice, dancing and jumping the whole time. I don't know how he did it. I also have to point out that he was wearing black leather Converse, yep I was close enough to see that they were leather! I also was close enough to see the sweat dripping down his face ha.

I was so sad when he left the stage but was psyched again when he came back for his encore. He did it without a band. He accompanied himself on the piano for two songs. He sang A Thousand Miles, and totally nailed the piano, which I've heard slaughtered, it's pretty tough. His very last song of the whole show was Angels from his album and oh my gosh, I couldn't stop smiling. He was, of course, incredible.

I had seen David on the American Idol tour last summer and he was just as happy and excited to be there but I loved being close enough at this concert to see all the excitement on his face and be able to take on an entire show by himself. I'm incredibly sad that it's over but am so happy that I was able to experience the show so close to him and I hope he does another tour in the near future, I will most definitely be there! I love you David!!

It couldn't get any better than him singin while playin the piano. So cute!

This is one of my favorite pictures. I liked the lighting

The black leather Converse :)

This was the opening band Lesley Roy, I thought they were really good!

Just him bein cute and singin. Yep, this was my view!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

My Love For Adam Lambert

I absolutely love Adam Lambert. I think he is an incredible performer and don't like it that people judge him just because he might be gay or has some fashion sense. His voice is definitely one of the best on the show this season.
Now on to his performance from last night. It was country week. He is not country. He did his own thing. I totally admire him for that. I don't think it would have been smart for him to try to do country, he would have looked like an absolute idiot. The version of the song was extremely unique. Yes it was weird but why should he be expected to be normal when he can totally pull of such a strange performance.
I was also pleasantly surprised that country week, of all the weeks, would make me totally like almost all of the other contestants. I definitely wasn't convinced about some of them but country week totally made me change my mind. I truly wouldn't mind if any of them won. I don't hate any of them. But Adam is still my favorite! Watch Adam's performance but if you do, please keep an open mind.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

My Current Antisocial Life

So being new to the blog scene, this first entry may be random and I still don't know what I will be writing so I will begin and see where it takes me.
Right now, I am off track. I will start school again on April 20 and I absolutely can't wait! I love school, no matter how nerdy it seems. I am all registered for classes and it's going to be a rough semester. I have Accounting, Economics, Business, Professional Communications and Book of Mormon. I also am going to continue working through the semester so that will make it even more crazy. I have no idea who my roommates are at this point and I am really hoping that they aren't psycho.
Until school starts I'm going to continue doing what I have since January: WORKING! I have been a work-a-holic since I got my job and I love it. I work at JCPenney in the suit department and I honestly could not have asked for a better job. I feel so blessed to have gotten such a good job in such a crappy economy. I work lots of hours and don't have a lot of down time but that's okay. When I do have down time, I spend it watching American Idol and Dancing With the Stars or reading.
Being off track during the winter has been both fantastic and lonely. I don't really have any friends because everyone is in school. I don't do anything social, I'm sure I could get out there more than I do, but it's really hard. Basically everyone in Idaho Falls that I know is still in high school. I have been going to the single's branch so that has helped but I don't do anything outside of the branch with anyone. Life has been great off track because for one I know that I'm not in Rexburg during the winter. I would hate walking around campus in the winter so that part has been excellent.
Like I said, I'm very excited to get back to school and meet new people and just get away from Idaho Falls, even if it is just by thirty minutes.